On Halloween

Shadows deepen. Days shorten, the air grows crisp with chill and the taste and smell of decaying foliage. Things are dying, yet I come alive. The night approaches, the long, dark wonderful night, the all-hallows, the samhain, the magical night when the veil betwixt breath and death grows thinnest, when it is possible, if not always desirable, to step between worlds, if only for the shortest time.

The night of Halloween.

I love Halloween. I live for it, actually. And I have some thoughts about what constitutes the Halloween spirit. Starting October 1st I shall be participating in the annual Countdown to Halloween and in that spirit I will be posting daily content, including a movie-of-the day that I feel best represents the spirit of the day in 31 different horror genres (of my choosing), along with an analysis of each of these self-same genres. Should be fun!

As a matter of course I will also be posting some new musical material including a few videos and have been toying with the idea of linking to the work I’ve done so far on a Halloween-related novel project as a free downloadable ebook. We’ll see.

Anyway, when awakes the sun on October 1, the fun, the fun shall have begun. See you then!