Day 25 – Other Vampires!

Okay, we burned through Dracula in two days which leaves us face to face with a hungry coterie of other vampires. And a strange set of bloodthirsty creatures they are. Vampires are a Halloween necessity, and there are SO many good movies! Now, I’m partial to the sort of vampires that dress well and have that “Dead but delicious” sensuality, so even though I really liked Stakeland and 30 Days of Night we’ll be looking at the more elegant and refined types here.

And also, we want them scary, so the fanged fops of Interview With a Vampire and its ilk are out for the Halloween master list. I was loathe to dig back into the consecrated earth of Hammer yet again, so I was really considering The Lost Boys or Fright Night, both delightful examples of the fun/scary horror of the 1980s. But…

I couldn’t help myself. Hammer is the best for sexy, scary vampires, and so here they are again. It was a toss-up between The Vampire Lovers, Kiss of the Vampire and Brides of Dracula, but I went with Brides because it has both a great (non-Dracula) head vampire AND an iconic vampire-hunter, none other than Van Helsing himself, played by the one and only Peter Cushing. Add in Yvonne Monlaur as a sympathetic heroine who remains likable despite taking all the actions that lead to the vampiric antics and a nice action-filled climax (and subtract some dodgy bat FX) and you have the best sort of Halloween vampite flick!

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