Day Three – A vampire crawls From the Dark

Today’s cool and under-seen flick is From the Dark, an Irish movie now available on Amazon Prime. It was allegedly filmed in County Offaly but we all know it was really filmed in County DRACULA because it startS with a peat-digger uncovering a very old box, which contains a very old vampire. Oops! Next thing you know a nice yuong couple’s car has broken down near the peat digger’s house and all hell breaks loose – well, no, actually, all hell just slowly stalks them but that is EVEN BETTER. You see, this vampire is a cool Nosferatu/Petyr/1979 Salem’s Lot style spook and he spends an awful lot of time just standing and looking creepy in the Irish Mist which is AWESOME! And also he’s hyper-allergic to any form of light which is the one thing that gives the couple any sort of chance against him. But if you’ve ever had a flashlight that you had to whack every now and then because it would go out suddenly (also my remote control did that while watching this but that is unrelated) you will relate to their struggle! Overall a fun thriller that is perfect for a Halloween watch!

Countdown Day 2 – Henry Rollins Cannot Die!

Well, he acts like it anyway. Today’s neglected but pretty great Netflix goody is a little indie called He Never Died starring the aforementioned Rollins, former Blag Flag lead singer and sometime stand-up comic/motivational speaker. Whatever you think of Henry in these roles (if forced to pick a LA punk band, it would be the Dead Kennedys for me), he’s always good in movies; he’s no Brando but he has a larger-than-life quality that gives his characters impact. He rarely has a lead, but this is a perfect one for him – a sullen loner who just may be an immortal demon. As the plot plays out, Rollins’ character finds himself forced to help people despite his own deliberate reclusiveness – which is not entirely selfish, he keeps to himself because he has a compulsion to eat flesh! The movie is packed with humor and a good deal of violence, which to be honest is quite fun as the recipients mostly deserve their unpleasant fates. Supposedly there will be a contiunation of the story in the form of a miniseries, and if Rollins is back then sign me up!

Countdown Day 1 – I Am the Pretty Thing

No, not me specifically. I refer, of course, to the Netflix Original I am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. I’m starting this Halloween look at some underseen or under-noted movies currently on streaming with this little gem for a very good reason: it was my favorite film from last year’s week-long Halloween binge-a-thon. Now, this is not for everyone. Ha, usually when you hear that phrase it means “gore so extreme and intense that even devotees of Italian Cannibal movies will cringe”. Well, it sure don’t mean that in this case! No, IATHPTTLITH is what you might call a “slow-burn” horror movie. Yep, you might call it that but you’d probably be overstating things by including the word “burn”. It really is best looked at as a spooky tone poem, a film of mood and presence that kind of floats along like a chill mist in a deserted hallway. It’s directed by Anthony Perkins’ son Osgood, and he conjures up such a specific Shirley Jackson vibe that it is a genuine tragedy that Netflix didn’t turn to him to do its Haunting of Hill House series (which looks dire). If that sounds like your cup of tea, then I think you will be delighted, though perhaps you wouldn’t want Merricat to put in the sugar for you*.

*unrelated Shirley Jackson in-joke