Day 18 – The Best Way to Watch This is Alone in the Dark (1982)

Or watch it with a crowd! Alone in the Dark is a fun slasher movie from early on in the “slasher” era, which means it’s got more plot than most and a terrific cast besides. Four murderous psychos – Martin Landau (!), Jack Palance (!!), and The Running Man‘s opera-singing gladiator Erland Van Lidth, plus one mystery psycho who doesn’t reveal himself until the finale – escape from a mental institution run by psychiatrist Donald Pleasance, who is a “let them explore their mental spaces man” hippie-doctor type left over from the 70s and pretty much the opposite of Dr. Loomis, his character from Halloween and its sequels. If that doesn’t sound like a movie you have to see, you’re reading the wrong blog. Plus the assured direction of Jack Sholder and a fun script (one of the co-writers was Robert Shaye, who would eventually produce the Lord of the Rings trilogy!) make this an undiscovered gem. Check it out!

This copy looks like a very good VHS rip or a mediocre DVD. Nevertheless it is quite watchable. Enjoy!

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