Day 20 – Until There’s No One Else Around ‘Cept Zombies – The Midnight Hour (1985)

Here’s a nifty little number for all you shock-jocks who dig the groove of old TV movies with a comedy vibe a hipster soundtrack that runs the gamut from The Smiths to Three Dog Night. Ok, it’s aimed at a family audience, so no gore, but there is Halloween ambience aplenty as a resurrected witch declares vengeance on the town where she was killed by raising the dead and turning the living into vampires. If it sounds a bit like Paranorman mixed with Night of the Demons and a sprinkling of Ernest: Scared Stupid, yeah, that’s about right. It’s directed by future Sopranos and Game of Thrones director Jack Bender, so it moves at a good clip; the cast includes genre vets like Kevin McCarthy and Dick van Patten; LeVar Burton and Shari Belafonte are two of the leads; Kurtwood Smith is the Sheriff and Wolfman Jack is even in here too (as a DJ, surprise!) It all takes place on Halloween so there’s costumes and pumpkins galore. It’s a lot of fun.

The Print here is very good, DVD quality. Enjoy!

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