Day 26 – I Spy With My Little Eye The Crawling Eye (1959)

aka The Trollenberg Terror. Here a nifty little horror movie from the era when the sci-fi boom of the 50’s was just about to give way to the horror revival of the 60’s. It’s sci-fi, it’s horror, it’s two tastes that go great together (except when they don’t). If you haven’t seen or heard of this gruesome little gem get ready for a treat; it was an influence on Carpenter’s The Fog and the titular creatures inspired one of Pennywise’s transformations in the novel It. Plot is good basic horror stuff; weird things are happening on top of the Trollenberg, a Swiss mountain, and they’re connected to a mysterious radioactive cloud. Guess what’s in the cloud. Guess! Guess! (It’s Eye Creatures. Oh sorry, *SPOILER*) And these things are clumsy but really cool. It’s up to Forrest Tucker, very good in this, to save the day! Huzzah!

The print here is quite good. Enjoy!

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